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Conduct state-of-the-art training in our medical simulation center—a technologically advanced learning and training space where participants hear lectures, watch live demonstrations, and practice skills on patient simulation mannequins, live patient models, and cadavers or other tissue specimens.

Our simulation rooms mimic real-life experiences. We use real equipment, water, gasses, suction, and more, so participants get an experience that’s the next best thing to actual patient care.

The training labs can be tailored to simulate ICU scenarios, trauma in the ED, or clinical procedures. The patient simulators can be modified to accommodate a variety of medical specialties. And, our full line of medical equipment means we can manage the breadth, depth, and scope of your health-care simulation training.

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Hold group lectures or breakout sessions. Seat up to 154 or divide to seat 70 per side.

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Simulation Training Labs

Offer hands-on training in real-life scenarios. Six suites accommodate 10-12 participants each. We offer performance assessment tools and access to control rooms and nursing stations to enhance your training experience.

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Performance Assessment Tools

Monitor the impact of your simulation training events—almost immediately! Our training labs are equipped with LearningSpace™ One from CAE, a performance assessment tool for health-care education. Use it to schedule, record, debrief, assess, and store simulation education exercises. Record your exercises and send to break out rooms or the auditorium for debriefing and additional learning opportunities.

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Adjacent Control Rooms

Observe and monitor participants’ skills. Control rooms outside the training labs accommodate remote observation and simulation scenario management. Microphones into the training labs offer communication options.

Nursing Stations

Include documentation procedures within your training. Nursing stations right outside the training labs accommodate this important part of patient care.

Conference Rooms

Hold smaller lectures or breakout sessions, or hold a debrief following sessions in the simulation training labs. Eight rooms have flexible seating options to accommodate up to 25 participants each.

Review key features and available technology

Wet and Dry Labs

Use our labs to further enhance your event. We have cold storage for cadavers and tissue specimens, instrument sterilization equipment, 3D printing capabilities…and a mad scientist who loves to accommodate special requests!

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Other Amenities

Consider catering options and other amenities to upgrade your attendees’ overall event experience. Choose the finishing touches that will make this your best meeting yet.

This is the 2nd time we have used the CHEST facility for our leadership offsite meeting. They delighted us with their beautiful facility and outstanding service each time. I would definately recommend them to others and intend to host meetings there in the future.

Jane Shlaes
College of American Pathologists

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Device Testing + Training | Ethnographic Research

Conduct user testing in a controlled environment. Use our wet and dry labs to make modifications on the fly.

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